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A Keyboard Warrior

I started out as an Air Traffic Controller, during which time I first began to learn about the role of radar in the defence of the UK in 1940. Being stationed alongside peers who were pilots and navigators with XXV(F) and 11(F) Squadrons steered me further towards the history of those units and others during the Battle of Britain. I wasn't aircrew in those days though, so any pictures of me trying to look majestic in the backseat of a Hawk trainer are the result of hard-earned hard-asked-for passenger rides!

I'm a Brit who has lived in the United States since 2010; now Dad to a British-American son and two pups rescued from the streets of Las Vegas. My passion for science fiction and military history was handed to me by my late father, who was an amateur astronomer and genealogist, delving amongst other things into the personal military histories of our family. In 2003 I followed him into a career with the Royal Air Force, cementing my love of military aviation and beginning a path that would lead incredibly to more than ten years of consecutive overseas service, not to mention marriage and a family!

As fate would have it in 2009 I made the move from Control Tower to Cockpit as part of a new recruitment programme. Not only did I get to realise my dream of training as an RAF pilot, I was able to pursue my own 'civvy' flying in the wide open spaces of the southwest United States; but not before joining a circuit pattern in the UK with my radio switched off and finding myself head-to-head with a Spitfire (I don't have a picture of that!)...


Service life and family keep me very busy, and when I'm not spending time with my beautiful wife and brand new baby boy (who takes his looks from his mother thankfully) you can find me trying to squeeze in five hundred words before breakfast.

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