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The Eagle and the Empire

September 1940. Emboldened by successes against RAF airfields and the Chain Home radar network, Hitler finally orders the launch of Operation Sealion; the invasion of Britain.

Many have imagined the invasion and Britain under occupation, but how would the conflict have played out if the invasion had failed? The Eagle and the Empire follows both British and German pilots as the air campaign of Sealion unfolds, and the UK activates Operation BANQUET, a top secret plan to utilise all of Britain's aircraft against the invader.

Check out my military history section to see actual planning documents for Operation BANQUET that I uncovered on a visit to the National Archives in London.

Below for your delectation and critique is a fictional Luftwaffe ORBAT for S-Day: the units and their locations are derived from the excellent reference work by Henry L. deZeng IV:

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